29th/30th May2021

Help us raise money for jerseys, balls and other gear.

Every year, Petone Football Club spends thousands of dollars on buying new gear for our junior teams. Big Goal Day is intended as a fun way to help us raise cash to meet these costs.

📆 Saturday 29/30th May

It’s easy. Get sponsors to pay an amount for each goal your team scores on Big Goal Day.

So if you win 3-1 and your sponsor agreed to pay $2 per goal, then you will earn $6.

4 Goals x $2 = $8 donation
5 Goals x $3 = $15 donation
6 Goals x $4 = $___________?

If you are in a grade that plays two matches on each game day, then the amount payable is calculated on the highest scoring game.

Who can sponsor you? Talk to your grandparents, uncles, aunties. Anyone that your parents think is a good person to contact.

Get as many names as you can to fill out the table on the back of the card (download below).
There’s special rewards for the teams and individuals who raise the most cash.

Sponsors can also just make a fixed donation.
Please say thank you to everyone that helps out.

If it rains on Saturday 29th or Sunday 30th, Big Goal Day will happen on the next played game day.

And don’t forget to start practising your shooting!