Off Season Work

  4 March 2014   Jeff Bell   Club News
Off Season Work

Like every off-season there is still plenty of work being done behind the scenes to get the club ready for the winter months. There are sponsorship deals finalised, registration details sorted, coaches appointed, short and long term plans made, gear purchased, and many more things. All of this so we can play football as part of a good healthy club.


The summer also gives us a chance to make some more physical changes. Anyone who has come down for training or a kick around may have noticed the outside of the clubrooms have had a bit of love. We slapped a bit of paint on the balcony, fire escape and the lower half of the walls, repaired a couple of the columns, and we put in a small garden to try and tidy the place up.


As you do when you are outside painting you get to contemplating life's big mysteries, like when was the last time the inside of the gym had a fresh coat of paint? The best we could come up with was somewhere between 20 and 40 years. Either way that is a long time, so we thought it best to give that a new lease on life too.


You can see a small sample of what has been done by clicking the image below or going to the Photo Gallery page.


Exterior 1


Clubroom Painting
3 March 2013

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